Jealousy May Be Blocking Your Manifestation Success

limited beliefs about self (control/competence)
Jealousy May Be Blocking Your Manifestation Success

If you are chronically jealous of loved ones or people you see scrolling your feed, this is a sign that your mindset is preventing you from forming healthy relationships and is likely holding you back from achieving real success in life & business. 


How Chronic Jealousy Affects You

Being overly jealous over time can influence how you view the world, yourself, and others. There are many reasons why living with a jealous mindset is not a healthy way to live, and if you think your jealous emotions are holding you back, you are right. 


Jealously comes from anger, worry, and fear. You live in constant fear of rejection, worry about being inferior or alone, and are angry at others for their lack of devotion to you. While it may seem natural to have jealous emotions, it is how you react to these feelings that can have a negative impact on your life. 


The constant negative mindset that accompanies jealousy places your mind and body in a consistent state of stress, which can have physical, mental, and emotional outcomes. It also perpetuates a focus on other negative aspects of your mind, keeping you in a negative mindset. You may feel inadequate when you are jealous, worrying you are not enough for others or are unworthy of the love you think you deserve. 


A jealous mindset can lead you to act in negative ways, including obsessing over others’ actions, questioning the intentions of others, inappropriately berating others’ deeds, or questioning others’ motives. 


Your jealous mindset is a sign that you lack a positive sense of yourself and that you are insecure about your own abilities or worthiness. Others can learn to resent you for your jealous actions, and undoubtedly, a jealous mindset can cause significant problems in your relationship, both personal and professional. 


How To Overcome Chronic Jealousy


Learning to control your jealous mindset and to stop acting on your feelings of jealousy can help you feel less anxious, trust others and yourself more, and improve your life. Here are a few ways to overcome this negative mindset. 


Examine carefully those things that cause you to feel jealous. Write it down. The key to beating a jealous mindset is to understand it. Recognizing the triggers of your jealousy can help you devise a plan for dealing with those feelings in the future. 


Comparing yourself to others can make you feel insecure. Don’t worry about what others are doing, have, or have accomplished. Your insecurities have their root in past relationships or events, so learning more about those origins can help you learn to deal with our jealous mindset and actions. 


When jealous feelings creep in, be sure to give your partner or the target of your envy their space and freedom. Allow them the freedom to live their life, and they will show you how much they deserve your trust. Be mindful of not only how your jealous feelings are making you feel and act but also how it causes others to feel and perceive you. 


If someone has indeed violated your trust in some way, you should deal with this circumstance head-on. Addressing violations of trust by a loved one or trusted friend can help you cope with your feelings in a healthy way as well as allow you to move on instead of holding onto these negative feelings.


Is jealousy controlling your mindset, forcing you to spiral into a negative way of thinking that affects your actions? Learning to identify the source of your jealousy is critical, as is reigning in your jealous emotions’ control over your behavior. When you learn to let go of chronic jealousy, you will experience less stress, a healthier sense of self, and closer relationships with yourself and others.


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