How To Train Your Mind To Deal With Emotional Triggers

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How To Train Your Mind To Deal With Emotional Triggers

So today’s post is brought to you by Panera.


Just kidding, but I was working in one of their locations (before the lockdown of course) and this guy sat right across from me and started VIOLENTLY slurping his broccoli cheddar soup.


2 years ago this would have ruined my work sesh but I just tweeted about it and went back to work.


I’ve always hated mouth noises and a long list of other things but I’ve been able to strengthen my subconscious mind & regain control of my emotional states.


For my clients, we release major negative emotions through TIME Techniques.


We take a trip on their subconscious timeline to the first instance of the negative emotion & release it creating a domino effect.


But you can do a light version of this on yourself.


When you’re faced with one of your lighter triggers or pet peeves take the following steps:


1. Take 6 deep breaths. (Deep breaths send a message to your brain to calm down & relax.)

2. Think about the time when you 1st experienced annoyance or anger about this particular thing.

3. Now ask your subconscious “Why does this make me so (angry/annoyed/irritable)?”

4. Your subconscious will reveal what the REAL issue is.

5. Once it’s revealed say thank you and that you’re ready to “LET GO OF THE PAST”. (By the way all this communication should be going on in your head...not out loud.)

6. Now think of this event or annoying behavior happening again in the future...notice how it’s different now?




You know what that’s called?






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