How To Set Aligned Goals To Build A Million Dollar Business

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Welcome to Day 3 of 7 Days to 7 Figures.


This is when I set my goals and then write down my daily aligned actions and use hypnosis to lock in my motivation.


The easiest way to figure out what I need to do each day is to ensure that I hit my personal and business goals.


How do I reverse engineer my results?


This is a simple question but the process… not so much. So I had to break it down into 4 parts to explain the four phases of bullet-proof goal setting.


Phase 1: You need to completely believe that your success is guaranteed. Go back to Day 2 if you’re still feeling shaky.


I am not the type of person that allows failure or accepts the bare minimum.


I do the bare minimum but I don’t accept it lol.


Phase 2: If you’re neurotypical then S.M.A.R.T goals will work for you.


But if you’re someone like me with ADHD and anxiety then you should use my C.O.S.M.I.C goal-setting model.



An elevated level of awareness that this goal is meant to truly shift your 3D reality



You’re hopeful & confident about the future outcome



You have or you will remove any subconscious blocks or limiting beliefs



You know that you’ll do your part but you know that it’ll take a bit of magick



When you hit this goal it’ll not only inspire you but also those around you



You’re clear on what you want and why 


Run your fitness, business, and relationship goals for the month through the C.O.S.M.I.C filter.

This step is KEY because most times my clients will put down “tasks” as goals. Which is why they lose motivation.


Phase 3: Your Outcome


It’s time to flesh out the details of the outcome of your goals.


Who, What, Where & How


Who: Who will help you hit this goal? 

What: What do you need to do and what will they need to do?


Break it down daily, weekly, and monthly. Write down and assign each task.

Where: Where will all this take place? Online? In-person?

How: How will you measure your progress? 


The number of leads? Amount of sales? How do you feel? How do you look?

Phase 4: The end scene


How will you know that you hit your goal?


Now that was the easy part. Now you need to act in and maintain alignment with your goal.


That’s where self-hypnosis and subliminal audios come in.


If you’re new to the whole idea or concept of consciousness and human optimization then I recommend starting with subliminal audio.


Because most likely you’ve been running on autopilot with a dysregulated nervous system.


So the idea of sitting still for 15-25 minutes for a self-hypnosis session sounds awful.


If you have been doing subconscious work then self-hypnosis is the perfect way to maintain your alignment mind, body, and soul.


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