How To Recover from ADHD Burnout

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How To Recover from ADHD Burnout

Running my business based on neurotypical methods nearly killed me. Business advice from well-meaning coaches didn’t account for my dopamine deficiency which led to adrenal fatigue. It’s taken me 2 years to fully recover but I wanted to record this video to help you prevent severe burnout which may lead to adrenal fatigue. 


I’ll first cover the 9 pieces of advice that led to my ADHD Burnout. Then I’ll share my model of the ADHD Burnout Cycle and briefly discuss how I use hypnotherapy to heal ADHD Burnout and manage ADHD.

9 pieces of advice that led to my ADHD Burnout:

  1. Answering all my social media messages & comments
  2. Running a 90-day launch sequence
  3. JV partnerships & Networking are the only way to grow
  4. Podcast interviews
  5. Offering free discovery calls
  6. Using sales calls to close clients
  7. Sticking to just one product or service
  8. Not running ads and depending on organic marketing
  9. Hosting live challenges 


The ADHD Burnout Cycle

Entrepreneurs with ADHD often burn out and get stuck in this burnout cycle because of the symptoms associated with ADHD.

These symptoms force us to constantly mask, overcompensate,people-please, and feel a deep sense of guilt when resting. 

This lovely combination of leads to meltdowns and eventually shutdowns.


Hypnotherapy & ADHD

I love hypnotherapy because it allows individuals to create deep subconscious shifts. For entrepreneurs with ADHD, our BELIEFS about our symptoms and our way of living is really what cause most of the issues in our lives.

When we get rid of the beliefs that make us feel like we have to mask, overcompensate, not rest, and be afraid of disappointing others is what frees us and our minds. 


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