How To Prevent Social Sabotage

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How To Prevent Social Sabotage

After over 2600 hypnotherapy sessions, I’ve identified that there are actually 6 sources of sabotage that affect high achievers, entrepreneurs & startup founders:

Self (subconscious)

Social (emotions/culture)

Systemic (3D reality restrictions)

Soul (inner child/past life)

Somatic (unconscious)

Ancestral (epigenetic/oppressive ancestors)


If you want to boost your success without doing much, pay attention to who you surround yourself with. Jim Rohn said that you’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Whether this is true or not is for you to figure out. You should test it yourself.


How Much Money Do They Make? 

You know how much you make. Try adding up what you think your five closest friends make and find out if you’re the average of what they make. It’s amazing how this works out, but it does make sense—people like hanging out with those who are like them. If you share a similar work ethic as your friends, you’re doing a good job picking friends.


How Much Education Do They Have? 

People tend to spend time with others who have very similar educational paths. If you want to meet people who have different paths, you will have to go out of your way to find them. It works, especially if you want to learn more about other ways of life.


What Do They Like Doing All Day?

You probably tend to do the same things. If you are a gamer, your friends are probably gamers. If you like to play golf, go dancing, or play cards, your friends may enjoy those things too. It’s just the way we are designed.


What Are Their Morals, Principles, and Values? 

The same thing can be repeated about people’s core value system. More than likely, your core value system is like the values of your friends. If you do hang out with people who are very different from you, it probably feels strange or even tempting. It’s best to choose people who have higher ideals than you so that you can push yourself.


What Do They Focus On? 

If your friends are positive, negative, future-oriented, or past-oriented, you likely share their issues and focus. Sometimes it’s hard to accept, especially if you examine your close friendships and realize that you all focus on the wrong thing. Instead of trying to change them, work on changing yourself.


While you usually have more in common with friends, you also have differences which set you apart, so if you can’t find people in your circle who can help or support you in an area, ask if they know of someone who fits the bill.


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