How to Make $100K In 100 Days: Men's Designer

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In this short video I breakdown a simple strategy to help a men’s designer make $100,000 in 100 days.


I recommend that they use the “Urgency Model” to entice customers to pre-order their designs within a certain time frame to ensure that they receive enough money to cover business expenses and operational costs.


Repeating this process every month will create consistent and predictable revenue.


In my free training How To Make $100K In 100 Days you’ll learn to identify the path of least resistance to a six-figure revenue stream in their business.




Your Business Identity & Your Client’s Identity

Marketing experts usually advise business owners to create their brand persona or customer avatar but I believe the first and the most important step in offer creation is to understand yourself. 

 Unlocking your true identity will make you irreplaceable and immune to competition. Identity is also important because it determines what you allow in your orbit to ensure you attract the client you can best serve.


DAY 2 

Your $100K Offer

Learn to identify what your ideal clients want and go beyond that to deliver what they actually need.



Sales Resonance

You’ll learn how to price your services, packages, and programs to attract the right ideal client with your rates.


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