How To Effectively Use Affirmations

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How To Effectively Use Affirmations

It may seem like a simplistic measure to use daily affirmations to develop a success mindset, but the truth is, it works. When something simple works, you must do it. The impact that words have on your mindset is astounding.


State Affirmations in The Present Tense

State affirmations as if they are already happening, even if they're a goal for your future. An example may be, “I make good exercise choices each day.”


Affirmations Must Be Positive 

For an affirmation to work, it really should be positive in nature. Why would you want to state affirmations that felt negative anyway? For example, you may want to state, “I am a successful six-figure business owner” as an affirmation even while you’re losing money because the focus needs to be on the positive.


Keep Affirmations Specific and Brief

There are time and room for many affirmations in any given day, making each one specific and brief. You should write it down on a small piece of paper or a 3x5 card for pulling quickly to read. “Today, I feel stress-free about my choices.”


Use Action Words in Affirmations 

One way to create an effective affirmation is to make it actionable. You can do this by adding the action words to your affirmations. For example, “I am confidently taking action every day toward my goals.”


Use Realistic Affirmations 

To boost the effectiveness of affirmations, use only relevant, realistic affirmations. This works best when the affirmations apply to something you’re working towards now.


Remember, your thoughts control your emotions, and you control your thoughts. If you want to think more positively, Use daily affirmations every morning.



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