How to Deal With Sunday Scaries as an Entrepreneur

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How to Deal With Sunday Scaries as an Entrepreneur

Sunday Scaries unfortunately don’t go away when you start a business.


Since your anxiety really comes from not knowing your outcome you have to DECIDE what your outcome will be.


Make sure your outcome is dependent on your efforts alone so any help you receive will be just icing on the cake.


Handwrite 5 ways you will hit each of your goals. 

Do this every night before bed.


Let me give you an example:


Goal: Make 5K in profit this week 

Ways that I can do this and that heavily depend on me are:

  1. Show up online every day 
  2. Give people 3 reasons to connect with me daily 
  3. Reply to every question or comment 
  4. Write engaging emails to my audience 
  5. Host a live training alone or with a biz buddy 


Then I write 5 more each night this week.


This trains you to see opportunities vs obstacles because they BOTH exist but it’s up to YOU to decide what you PAY attention to.


When you rebuild trust in yourself it’s much easier to have faith and surrender.


It’s a privilege to easily surrender so please do not beat yourself up if you can’t easily tap into it.


Keep going and soon you will.


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