How Social Sabotage Impacts Your Success

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How Social Sabotage Impacts Your Success

No matter how successful you become, if you’re not careful about who you surround yourself with, you can become a victim of someone ruining your success. Of course, when you read this, you’ll realize that you’re in charge of what you allow to happen and what you accept. So, take your control back, and act accordingly.


You Give Them Space in Your Mind 

If you’ve ever been around someone who pushes your buttons, you know that you likely think about them when they’re not even around. When you give someone space like that, you’re sabotaging yourself.


You Make Up Fake Scenarios About Them 

One thing that sometimes happens is that we make up fake stories about people. This adds stress to your day and can lessen your excitement about succeeding.


You Avoid Setting Boundaries 

Most people who experience the personality of others in such a negative way tend not to set good boundaries. If you’re unsure what you stand for and what you expect from others and yourself, it’s hard to set boundaries. Once you set boundaries, you put the ball in their court to act the way they want to, and then you get to choose how to respond.


You Allow Their Bad Behavior 

Once you set a boundary, if you don’t enforce it consistently, you can’t expect others to stop crossing the line. You must decide that your boundaries are important for everyone’s well-being.


You Make Choices to Please Others 

If you’re a people pleaser, you may find yourself in uncomfortable situations. It’s great to make others happy, such as your customers but only within your ability and within your comfort zone.


You React Instead of Act

When you know who you are at your core, it’s a lot easier to learn to act instead of reacting. A sure way to become miserable is to be a reactive person who only acts on anything because others are acting following someone else’s choices in life. To follow your own choices, you make decisions to act with thought.


If you’re doing any of these things, you may need to check your self-esteem and take control. Once you stop letting people squash your needs, people will start acting differently, if they want to be around you.


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