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How Lack Consciousness Affects Your Work

How Lack Consciousness Affects Your Work

self doubt Jun 21, 2021

Having a lack of consciousness about life and money affects your work. You subconsciously won't allow yourself to take the right kind of steps to achieve your dreams if you have a scarcity mindset. You'll self-sabotage and hold yourself back and you don't even understand why.


Take a look at this list and see if there are any patterns you can recognize in your own life.


  • Do you tend to procrastinate?

  • Do you chase business model after business model?

  • Do you spend most of your "work" time chatting on forums and attending webinars?

  • Do you rarely follow anything through to completion?

  • Do you tend to "cool it" after you have any kind of success? You know you should keep going with the business model but you move on, or sabotage the opportunity in some other way

  • Do you believe it’s hard to earn money, so hard that you shouldn’t really even try?


If so, you likely have lack consciousness. You might feel like there's something wrong with you or that everything would change if only you could find a magic button. Well, the good news is there's nothing wrong with you, and you can absolutely develop wealth consciousness in place of lack.


The problem is that you can't just set a goal to do good work and stick to it. You have to feel really motivated and empowered, especially when you're trying something new and possibly scary. 


You have to have an optimistic mindset, ditch the scarcity mindset and know that earning well in your business and living a more comfortable life is something you deserve and absolutely can have.


Moving past lack of consciousness can help you with all of the problems I listed above. You’ll start to feel invigorated about your work so your procrastination problem may disappear altogether. 


You’ll be excited about your path so you won’t feel the need to flip flop to new business models all the time. You won’t feel the need to waste time on forums or sabotage your success because you’ll be so sure of your path.


Doesn’t that sound amazing? 


This, too, can be your ACTUAL life!


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