How Internalized Oppression Is Keeping You Broke In Business & How To Overcome It

internalized oppression
How Internalized Oppression Is Keeping You Broke In Business  & How To Overcome It



What is internalized oppression and how does it stop you from succeeding?


When you have a marginalized identity (race/gender/sexuality/religion) you’re bombarded with negative messages about your abilities and self-worth from a young age.


Most individuals internalize these messages and they become a part of their belief system.


This holds them back from reaching their full potential.


And making them feel like they are to blame for their failures rather than the oppressive systems they live in.


Common mindset advice is that it’s you vs you. 


With a marginalized identity it’s actually:


You vs You (your beliefs and past trauma)


You vs Society (other people’s unconscious biases about your identities)


You vs System (obstacles that were put in place to make it difficult for your identities to exist) 

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Internalized oppression can show up as imposter syndrome & self-sabotaging patterns in work, love, business & even health.


Here are 7 signs you may have internalized oppression:


  1.  You don’t like to work in groups or in collaborations for fear, that you won’t get credit or you won't be heard.
  2. You overwork yourself on work projects & in your business so you feel worthy of success & to show others that you deserve it.
  3. You have difficulty sticking to one identity or project. Constantly pivoting because when you decide to commit to one identity/title you fear you'll once again be rejected.
  4. You become obsessed with others copying you because you feel replaceable after years of being tokenized or being used to being "the only _________"
  5. You compare yourself to anyone and everyone even if they’re not in your field or industry or if they are you copy/steal from them without crediting their work or influence.
  6. You attribute your success to luck but you also do this to others by downplaying their success & may even attempt to undermine them publicly.
  7. You take courses, get new certifications & strive to be smarter than everyone but you end up accepting less pay or undercharging for your services because deep down you don't feel worthy.


How many of these statements hit home?


I’ve dealt with all 7 and healed from it. 


I’ve worked with hundreds of clients with marginalized identities who’ve felt their race, gender, sexuality, and ability limited their human experience and soul expansion.


And together we’ve taken back their mental freedom and unlocked their soul’s power.


It’s your turn, join us in GYST Braincamp to release the financial success blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. 




I use a 6-part hypnotic model to go deeper than meditation, visualization, or affirmations by going through their past, present, AND future.


  1. Release any pre-conscious energies (ages 1-5)
  2. Release any conscious ideologies (ages 6-12)
  3. Release any harmful behavioral patterns (ages 13-18)
  4. Heal from memories & wounds (ages 19-25)
  5. Unlock & activate your soul identity & resilience
  6. Energetic integration 


During our first 11-day group hypnosis intensive in GYST Braincamp, we’ll release internalized oppression and the other main 4 financial identity blocks. 


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