How Dopamine Disappointment Drains Your Business

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How Dopamine Disappointment Drains Your Business

Do you remember your first sale in your business? 


Or the first client that trusted you enough to book? 


Do you remember the feelings of excitement and happiness?


But then you started to look for your next sale or wait for the next “You’ve got a booking!” email to come through.


That was dopamine at work.


Dopamine is triggered by new rewards. The brain triggers joy when it encounters any new way to meet its needs. 


New sales.

New clients.

New products.

New funnels.


After a while, the new thing no longer excites you and you wish you could upgrade it or trade it in. But when you understand how your brain really works you realize that the disappointment comes from you, not from your business. 


This is why you need to learn NEW ways to bring back the thrill to your business consistently. 


Healthy challenges vs unhealthy stress. 


This is what I’ll cover in GYST 2022.


Not only will you learn how to make your business more thrilling but also more fulfilling and supportive. This isn’t something I learned in a certification but from actual experience and application. 


Next steps for you if you’re ready to actually stop struggling to survive and begin to thrive:


Need help figuring out how business stress impacts you? 


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