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How Acting With Intentition Will Help You Become A Better You

How Acting With Intention Will Help You Become A Better You

brain training subconscious manifestation Jun 07, 2022

In part 6 of our guide to building a business with more intention, we’ll share how acting with intention will help you become a better you. We all have that one friend who just seems to drift through life with no idea where they are going or what they want to do. Or maybe the friend you’re thinking of is actually you. Regardless, in order to change your life and become who you want to be, you need to start acting deliberately, and with intention in everything that you do.


Step 1: Set Intentional Goals

It can be very difficult to act with intention if you aren’t sure exactly what your intentions are. This is why it is critical to write down your intentions as goals and keep them updated as you go. Most professionals recommend that you engage in the practice of writing down your goals on a daily basis. But even if you only write down intentions once in a blue moon, make sure the goals you do write down are deliberate and specific in order to help keep you focused.


Step 2: Make a Plan

Once you know where you are going, it should be fairly easy to create a roadmap on how to get there. Even if you may not know the exact specifics of what you need to do, even writing down general thoughts on the process may help you not only conquer it, but also solve unforeseen issues. Just like with your goals, in order to act with intention, you must be very specific when you describe the steps of your plan.


Step 3: Take Intentional Action

Making the plan is the easy part, next comes the harder part when you need to start acting with intention and putting the plan into action. Stay focused as you complete each step in your plan and remind yourself why you are doing these tasks.


Remember, each task you are completing is a deliberate move towards your goal. If you keep your mind in a positive thought process, no matter what the action you are completing is, it will probably seem easier because you are acting with intention towards something you wish to achieve.


Step 4: Keep Yourself Accountable

You are likely well on your way to acting deliberately and with intention at this point, but it’s also expected that at some point you will falter. In order to keep yourself from straying from your goals, it’s time to bring others into your plan.


You need to be intentional with who you inform of your path, don’t just tell anyone, but rather, ensure you are telling someone who will help keep you accountable and, on your way, even when the going gets tough.


Step 5: Keep Going

The most difficult part of acting with intention is knowing that you can never quit. Even when you are faced with a problem, you need to approach the problem head-on and deal with it with intention. If you don’t face the issue right away, and instead revert back to your ‘drifting through life’ ways, it’s likely the problem will grow to affect your life in other ways.


If the problem is large, possibly spanning multiple days, break it up and address it in your daily goal writing. Chances are, once it’s been broken up into smaller pieces, it will be much easier for you to conquer.


Acting with intention is a difficult skill to learn, but once you master it, you can apply it to almost any aspect of your life. You’ll likely even be surprised by how much easier tasks are when you approach them with a head-on intentional mindset, and it’s probable that tasks will become easier as you embark on the journey to becoming the individual you want to be, a better you.


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