How A Negative Mindset Limits You In Business

limited beliefs about self (control/competence)
How A Negative Mindset Limits You In Business

Based on significant studies and research, we now know that focusing on the negative events in your life is a significant predictor that you will suffer from mental as well as physical health issues. 


Regardless of the hardships or circumstances in your life, it is not what has happened to you that correlates to your success and happiness but rather how you react to and handle those events. Those who behave using a negative mindset are hindering themselves from remaining happy and achieving their dreams.


The Effects of Negative Thinking

When your mindset is focused on negative thinking, you are keeping your brain and body in a constant state of stress. This mindset tricks your brain into thinking it needs to respond to an immediate threat to things that are not really threatening to you. 

 Your brain is hardwired to respond to threats before all other input, which means your negative thinking is tricking your brain into thinking your life is out of control and it needs to act immediately. When you keep your mind in this constant state of concern and negativity, it has a powerful effect on your memory, your immune system, and many different aspects of your physical and mental health. 

When you consistently engage in negative thinking, you may struggle with processing information, thinking clearly, and can even make it more difficult to solve your problems. In other words, negative thinking can actually make your negative situation even worse. 


How To Overcome Negative Thinking

You can improve your brain, your health, and your happiness by eliminating negative thinking and creating a more positive mindset. You can train your brain to reduce negative thinking, just as you can change other aspects of your behavior. When you start to turn your mindset into a more positive one, you will notice many rewards that will make you want to continue changing the way you think. 


First, start paying careful attention to your thoughts, and when notice negative ones creeping in, stop them in their tracks. Shutting shown your inner critic is critical for changing a negative mindset. When you begin having negative thoughts, counter these with positive ones instead. Sell yourself something positive about yourself or your situation. Notice what triggered your negativity so that you can change your future responses in similar situations. 


Do not give in to negative thoughts and the actions they are telling you to take. Adopt a stance of self-doubt for some time, since you can’t rely on ingrained thought and behavior patterns. Do the opposite of what you would normally do to start practicing different, more positive actions. 


Avoid overthinking, which can harbor dark thoughts and unleash inner fears. Don’t sit around getting lost in your thoughts, which can easily trend back toward the negative. Instead, take action in a positive way for your life. Decide on something you can do to work toward your dreams today and do that instead of focusing on your old, negative thoughts. 


Banishing the negative, fearful voices in your head is the first, important step to shifting your mindset toward a more positive one. Once you can control your mindset, you will be better able to change your actions and engage in ones that are more positive, as well. 


Traits And Characteristics Associated With Positivity

  • Acceptance
  • Resilience
  • Optimism
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness

Changing a negative mindset can take time, but it is crucial that you learn to stifle those pessimistic thoughts and learn to think more positively. Ridding your inner voice of critical thoughts and fears can help you succeed when achieving your dreams, achieve better health, and reduce the stress your negative mindset is having on your mind and body.



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