Don't Let Internalized Oppression Stop Your Success

internalized oppression
Don't Let Internalized Oppression Stop Your Success

What is internalized oppression and how does it stop you from succeeding?


When you have a marginalized identity (race/gender/sexuality/religion) you’re bombarded with negative messages about your abilities and self-worth from a young age.


Most individuals internalize these messages and they become a part of their belief system.


This holds them back from reaching their full potential.


And making them feel like they are to blame for their failures rather than the oppressive systems they live in.


Common mindset advice is that it’s you vs you. 


With a marginalized identity it’s actually:


You vs You (your beliefs and past trauma)

You vs Society (other people’s unconscious biases about your identities)

You vs System (obstacles that were put in place to make it difficult for your identities to exist) 

This is why I created hypnotic affirmations to help you release internalized oppression.

Three layers of obstacles = three layers of shifts



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