Block #4 People Pleasing

people pleasing/ no boundaries
Block #4 People Pleasing

After 400+ hypnotherapy sessions, I’ve identified that there are 55 blocks to entrepreneurial success.


Welcome to Day 4 of BLOCK-Vember. For the next 22 days, we’ll work together to release the top most common blocks to entrepreneurial success.


People-pleasing tends to be a very common problem, one that is wrought with insecurity and fear. People pleasers tend to sacrifice their own wants, needs, and opinions, ensuring that others will approve and like them. When you neglect yourself in this way and live in constant fear of what others think, it not only drains you physically, but it takes a serious toll on your mental health & your business.


Watch this training to learn how to release your people-pleasing tendencies and take back control of your life & business.



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