ADHD Management With Hypnosis

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ADHD Management With Hypnosis
In this video I share how to manage your dopamine level and build a business that aligns with your mind.
ADHD is not a block, the block comes from believing you have to run your business a certain way.



Hypnosis and ADHD

Thanks to hypnosis, I’m able to overcome executive dysfunction, dopamine lows, focus, and stress by training my subconscious mind.


Neuroscience has shown that most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depend on the 95 percent of brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness, meaning that 95 (or as much as 99%) of your life comes from the programming in your subconscious mind.


By programming our subconscious minds to take care of the things that we usually forget or neglect because of ADHD we’ll still be able to succeed on autopilot.


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You’ll learn my special and effective method of self-hypnosis that works for brains like ours.


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