A Failed Launch Makes You Feel Like You're Not Good Enough

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A Failed Launch Makes You Feel Like You're Not Good Enough

After a failed launch you can possibly feel like YOU aren’t good enough. Which is a symptom of launch trauma. The truth is your launch failure wasn’t about you so it’s to release this fear so you can push through and have successful launches in the future.


Being afraid is no different than fearing something, and we already know that fear is created in the mind. Now, of course, being afraid is completely normal and we will experience it regardless of if we want to or not. 


However, we have the choice to take action despite being afraid…



What Makes Us Afraid?

There are many reasons we become afraid of something… uncertainty, fear of failure, disappointing others, etc. 


If you have this mindset, don’t worry… it’s completely normal. However, if you let fears dictate your life then you need to make a change, right now! Most people settle for just being afraid, but this is a false state of mind. It’s not true of who you are and what you are capable of. 


We have two choices in life…

We can be complacent, or we can suck it up and “do life afraid.” If one thing is sure, it’s that you’ll never be good enough if you don’t take action. It’s really that simple and we tend to make it so complex. 


You’re as Good as You Believe You Are

We’re taught how to “condition our minds” to be able to face situations in life, and while this is good advice to an extent; nothing can replace “doing.” Yeah someone can tell you that you’re good enough but if you don’t believe it then you have some work to do. 


The secret to overcoming the fear of thinking we’re less than good enough is learning from experiences and forcing ourselves into situations we think are impossible. Digging deep within ourselves to pull out the person we ultimately see ourselves as. 


Take Action

Actions speak louder than words but don’t ever dismiss talking to someone who will give it to you straight. We tend to dance around the truth with words of sympathy but that’s not real life. It’s not reasonable to have someone tell you that you’re good enough all time.


How can you take action?

Be uncomfortable every day. What does this mean? It means do something that pushes you beyond your limitations. See, you’re afraid of not being good enough because you haven’t given your all to the very thing you feel inadequate at. 



Whether it’s relationships, career, or life in general… there’s a way!


Now, of course, not everything is for everyone but what’s for darn sure is ninety-nine percent of people haven’t extended way beyond their comfort zones. Develop your self-esteem and you’ll feel equipped to take on anything in life.


The goal is to become the best “you” possible. There’s no time for being afraid because the world will miss out on what you have to offer. Don’t settle for mediocrity and just push yourself until you achieve your life’s purpose.


You Are Good Enough

There you go… that’s all you need! Now that you know you are completely capable, it’s time to toughen of and leave the feelings of being “afraid behind. Well, if you do become afraid just remember it’s just your mind trying to convince you to be mediocre.


Take action and start developing your self-esteem by stepping out of your comfort zone.


The very thing you’re afraid of maybe the exact thing you need to face; so, you can finally get to a place where fear is only instinct, and it no longer prevents you from feeling prepared to succeed.


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