7 Tips for Manifesting Your Goals Into Reality

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7 Tips for Manifesting Your Goals Into Reality

Most people get it backwards, trying to manifest what you only believe can just leave you unfulfilled & always wanting more.


Start manifesting what you truly want.


What you truly desire.


Because that desire is from your SOUL.


It’s meant for you to be, do or have.


Denying or ignoring this is why you’re struggling.




Write down what you truly want and desire.

And then get your beliefs to align with it.


Here are 7 tips for manifesting your goals into reality.


1 - Dream big.

Set big goals. If you're going to dream, why not dream big? If you believe in the process, wouldn't you like to achieve as much as you possibly can?


2 - Practice gratitude.

Be appreciative of everything you have. Recognizing things you're grateful for tells your subconscious you are worthy of a life that rewards you.


3 - Be very clear about what it is you want.

You can't hit a target that isn't clearly defined.


4 - Give up the past ... you can't change it.

It's okay to use past failures for lessons, but then move on.


5 - Know that your goal will be accomplished.

Don't think it, don't believe it ... know with absolute certainty you will achieve your goal.


6 - Stop expending energy that's negative.

You should focus all your positive energy in the direction of achieving your goal. This means physical and mental energy.


7 - Detach yourself from negative influences.

Steer clear of people, thoughts, and other factors that could make you question your ability to manifest the desired result. 



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