7 Personal Factors That Affect Your Business Success

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7 Personal Factors That Affect Your Business Success

I’ve run almost 500 hypnotherapy sessions and I’ve not only identified the 55 blocks to entrepreneurial success but 8 key factors that determine successful goal setting.


In this video, I break down 7 but there are actually 8:

1.) Human Design Type

Knowing your energy type will help you create the right business processes and support your flow.


2.) Astrological Placements 

Knowing your placements can help you determine the best timing for your business launches and partnerships.


3.) Astrocartography

You can use astrocartography to determine where to headquarter your business or host events.


4.) Life Path Number

Knowing your Life Path number can help you tap into your purpose & give you insight as to why you chose your line of work.


5.) Enneagram

Knowing your type helps you to identify your blind spots to help you operate as your highest self in your business.


6.) Attachment Style

Attachment style can impact your business relationships and partnerships. It can also affect your spending and workload. 


7.) Identity

Internalized oppression can limit how you show up in your business and also determines what you allow in your business.


8.) Neurodiversity

Keeping your neuro-differences in mind when running your business is important because most business advice and models are designed for neurotypicals.



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