5 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Success

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5 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Success

You have probably read countless books, articles, and blog posts about overcoming a fear of failure. Fear of failure especially when launching is very common but you know what I’ve found to be common among my clients? The fear of success.


They fear the changes and responsibilities that may come with success, and how other people might react if they finally achieve success. How can you overcome this obstacle? Here are five ways.



1. What Does Success Mean To You? 

Determining the answer to this question is the first step in overcoming your fear of success. First, success is subjective. Success to you may be about being a great parent, while for others it could be all about power and money. Or, you could view success as maintaining your well-being and the well-being of those around you. Define what success truly looks like for you – maybe your fear is rooted in a success that doesn’t jive with you. 


2. Visualize Success After The Launch 

Once you have a good handle on what success looks like for you, you must see yourself moving closer to it. You can start by visualizing what your life will look like when you achieve success. Use your thoughts to create a shift in your reality. Visualizing success and all its positives can help you normalize what that life looks and feels like to you. 

Once you’ve visualized it, make a note of all the positive outcomes. You can also list the negatives, but understand that they are driving your fear of success. So, take a moment to consider them and decide how you can minimize them. Focusing on the positives will help. 


3. Plan For A Successful Launch  

It’s time to plan your long-term success. You need goals that will help you get there, and the best way to ensure your success is to break them down into small, actionable steps. Take your big goal, set a date to accomplish it and then break it into phases of success that you can tackle one at a time. The task won’t overwhelm you, and you can see each step of your success as you achieve it.



4. Consider Launch Setbacks

To finally achieve success, you need to be prepared for the problems that will arise. You should have some actions or responses ready to react with. You know yourself, what types of setbacks do you think you may face? You will likely start to question yourself as you push toward success. How can you limit your own doubts and fears? Try to create a list of ways you will overcome setbacks. 


5. Enjoy the Process of Launching 

You don’t need to obsess about the end result. Success isn’t all about the result at the end. It’s all about the path you take to reach it. If you hate what’s happening in your life, then you’re doing something wrong. You shouldn’t have to cope or deal with five years of pain and discomfort just to enjoy the end of success. The journey to success should make you just as happy as the end result. It matters. If you want to achieve fulfilling success, then you need to enjoy what you’re doing. Time isn’t endless so, you must enjoy what little of it you have. 


Remember, the only thing standing between you and success is yourself and the fear you are allowing to control you. As with any fear, the only way to overcome it is to journey through it. So, how can you overcome a fear of success? 

Ultimately, it’s by walking through the fear and becoming successful on your own terms. It’s just up to you to define what success looks like to you and how you’re going to achieve it for yourself. 


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