5 Ways Fear Blocks You From A Successful Launch

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5 Ways Fear Blocks You From A Successful Launch

Fear can keep you from taking part in a lot of things in life but it most definitely keeps you from achieving success when launching. Fear comes in many different forms and can be hard to identify that’s why I wanted to quickly break down the 5 ways fear can keep you from launching and successfully running your business.


1) Fear Can Keep You from Taking Risks

Many people are guilty of not trying simply because they’re afraid of failing in the end. They think that if they don’t try, there’s no possible way they could fail, but they don’t realize that that also means there’s no possible way for them to succeed.


The fear of failure and the fear of the unknown can dominate our ability to take risks. Taking risks is a crucial part of excelling in just about any career. You have to show your superiors that you have good judgment, are capable of trying something new successfully, and are willing to take risks in order to succeed.



2) Fear Can Cause You to Become Complacent

You’ll never go far in life if you only do what’s expected of you. To succeed and move up, you have to have the drive to better yourself. If ‘good enough’ works for you, you won’t excel past where you are in life.


Fear can keep you from trying new things as we said before, but it can also keep you from wanting to further yourself. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing that can really inhibit you in life.


3) Fear Can Kill Your Confidence

Failure is disappointing to most everyone. Dealing with failures, naturally, can lead to a weaker level of confidence. This makes it harder to give tasks and challenges your all because you think you’re capable of far less than you truly are. 


Your fear thrives in the times when you feel weakest; it needs to kill your confidence in order to survive. Fear forces negative thoughts on you, telling you you’re incapable and not good enough. This is a lie. In order to keep your fear from blocking your success, you have to overcome it and not listen to it. 


4) Fear Can Keep You from Reaping the Rewards of Your Hard Work

Fear can make you think that you’re not good enough, that you’re incapable of greatness. This can keep you from accepting the rewards that come your way due to the hard work you put in. You feel bad or even guilty about accepting the praises and so you refuse them, even though the work you put in was worthy of said praise.


What’s important to remember is that you’re capable of achieving anything to which you put your mind. You deserve the praise, the appreciation, and the accolades for the work you did. Don’t let fear stand in the way of accepting what you deserve. 




5) Fear Can Keep You from Networking

Networking is an essential part of succeeding in just about any career. It’s all about who you know. However, your fears can keep you from branching out and meeting new people. 


Fears can dominate your life and keep you from doing anything new. This poses quite the challenge in furthering your career. It can keep you from talking to new people that could help further your career.


Fear can keep you from furthering your life in a number of ways. It can keep you from taking steps to help further your career, as well as keeping you from accepting your accolades and rewards. As you go through life, it's crucial that you push past the obstacle of fear to truly achieve success.



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