5 Stress-free Ways To Plan Your Year

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5 Stress-free Ways To Plan Your Year

If you struggle with planning anxiety or setting your new year goals here are 5 Stress-free Ways To Plan Your Year.


1.) Start With Your Who

-Who Do You See Yourself As or Want To See Yourself As? Don’t just make it about what you do.

Ex. I’m The Millennial Millionaire Hypnotist & A Source of Light


2.) Set no more than 2 Scary Goals for each area of your life every 90 days




3.)Break down these big goals into 3 monthly goals

This will help you build a stronger sense of belief behind the goal


4.) Set an intention on how you want to feel by the end of each month & write it down

WHEN YOU FEEL THIS emotion IT will confirm you’re on the right track & FUEL YOUR MOTIVATION


5.) Your weekly To-Do List should only include tasks that will drive you closer to hitting these goals

Say NO to everything else...respectfully




6.) Take time to reflect & recalibrate every 90 days this way you won’t feel like another year flew by without you noticing


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