10 Ways to Kick-off Your Self Worth Journey

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10 Ways to Kick-off Your Self Worth Journey

We often discuss the importance of personal growth but we always leave out a very important component, which is self-worth. The journey to self-worth isn’t easy but it’s one of the most fulfilling.


How do you go about making a change in your life? Start where you are. 


1. Decide What You Want To Change


I bet you can name some things you would like to achieve right now. This step is simply about brainstorming some areas for personal growth. Trust your gut. Choose things that will make you happy & fulfilled.


2. Braindump & Make A List 


Make a list of what YOU think you need to work on. Then pick one of the items and create a plan of tasks to work on one at a time. There is nothing more satisfying than marking off a goal you have accomplished. Don’t get ahead of yourself by listing too many things at once. Avoid overwhelm by focusing on small goals and the steps needed to get them accomplished. 

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4. Celebrate Your Progress

Reaching milestones motivates you to continue. Reward yourself for the progress you have made along the way. This can be anything from treating yourself to a movie or just toasting your success. When you celebrate what you have achieved, it reinforces your belief in yourself, which builds confidence and motivates you to keep going. 


4. Consider How Well You Know Yourself

 Do you know who you really are? Many of us don’t. Introspection and self-reflection is a wonderful place to start your personal growth journey. You will make keen discoveries that will help you appreciate all the good and find some things you need to work on. 


5. Ask Someone You Trust

 If you are not sure what areas of yourself or your life need work, ask someone you trust. Others can be a great source of insight as they know you well, faults and all. 


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6. Expose Yourself To New Ideas

Expand your horizons. Browse social media, read self-help books, or psychology books, study goal-setting, attend conferences, and listen to podcasts to open your mind up to new ways of personal growth. 


7. Acknowledge The Real Road Ahead

Consider and accept the fact that the journey of personal growth can be a rocky one. While it is completely worth it and important for everyone to engage in, there will be times of adversity attached, change, fear, and possibly even pain. When you accept this from the onset, you will be better equipped to handle these times when they come. 


8. Monitor And Track Your Progress

Monitor and track the progress of milestones you have achieved and personal growth goals you’ve set. This will help to motivate yourself. Depending on what you are working on you can track with a goal tracking app or a journal. 


9. Evaluate Your Progress

 Check-in with yourself on your personal growth journey. Evaluate your progress and change your strategy if needed. Do this periodically as you are on this growth journey. This will help you stay on track and stay motivated. 


10. Enjoy The Journey

Self-worth & personal growth can be fun, scary, and exciting. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress. You have what it takes. 


These are just some of the tips and tools to help you on the journey to personal growth. Life is a constantly evolving journey. 


An important skill as an adult is self-development. Self-mastery, and learning how to be competent at activities of daily living are only the beginning. Reach for your drive and motivation and elevate yourself beyond the now. You are the boss, the architect, and the quality control, team.


At different times in life, your goals and perspectives may change. Keep going in the process for self-knowledge, self-mastery, and personal growth. 




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