10 Signs You Suffer From Financial PTSD & How To Heal Financial Trauma

financial trauma
10 Signs You Suffer From Financial Ptsd & How To Heal Financial Trauma

‪Fear and avoidance of your finances are symptoms of financial PTSD & trauma, especially among millennials.‬


If you were a kid or young adult during the last recession you’ve most likely inherited financial trauma from your parents.‬


‪If you were an adult you may suffer from financial PTSD.‬


According to ‪Dr. Galen Buckwalter about 20% of the adult population suffers from this & 36% of millennials.


Financial PTSD is the result of living with the stress of not being able to meet your expenses for 3 months or more. 


Most of my clients experienced this for years during their childhood and adolescence.


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If you suffer from:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Nervous energy
  3. Difficulty concentrating
  4. Hating your surroundings
  5. Persistent negative self talk
  6. You feel that your life will end soon
  7. A sense that bad things are inevitable
  8. Difficulty enjoying things that were enjoyable
  9. Unable to feel close to friends & significant others
  10. Scared of answering the phone because of debt collectors


Financial Trauma makes you feel like:

  1. You’re afraid that you’ll never make or have enough money
  2. You’re embarrassed by past business or personal investments.
  3. You’re sad that you can’t take care of your family the way you want to.
  4. You’re angry that you have no one to turn to but can’t let anyone know that you’re struggling.
  5. You know that you’re meant for more but aren’t sure how to get there but you’re also afraid of wasting money on another course.
  6. The issue isn’t that you’re not making enough money, the issue is your unconscious body & subconscious mind’s relationship with money.
  7. Your identity, values, beliefs & habits can shift but only when we heal your financial trauma.


Dr. Galen Buckwalter suggests a 2-pronged approach to healing from financial trauma:

  1. Deal with the emotional, physical, and cognitive problems that happen with financial PTSD
  2. Deal with the financial problems that are causing all of the PTSD symptoms in the first place. 


For a long-term change in your financial status, one either has to make more money or spend less—that’s it.


BUT to change your earnings or your spending takes an incredible amount of self-discipline, concentration, positive self-esteem, etc., all of which is difficult when you have financial PTSD.


This is where hypnotherapy comes in. 


Hypnosis will heal your financial trauma and you’ll feel: This incredible relief and release from the struggle.


Your mind will suddenly be filled with money making ideas and solutions to optimize your current finances.


You’ll also regain your energy, drive & focus.



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