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Sleep & Grow Rich Self-hypnosis & Sublimial Bundle for ($97)

Our program targets one of the biggest blocks that hinder your financial success, the debilitating effects of financial anxiety. In just 33 days, you'll notice significant shifts in your emotional balance and increased mental clarity to implement your six-figure business strategy effectively.

Prepare for a full transformation in just 11 days, with noticeable changes in as little as 72 hours. From then on, the program works towards solidifying this transformation, preparing you for an elevated experience of success and wealth.



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Hypnotic Wealth Bundle

Break free from the top 12 Toxic Money Trances that keep high-earning high achievers stuck in a loop of lack 

The Hypnotic Wealth Bundle is not merely a tool; it is a passage into a new existence where finance and personal growth intersect gracefully. This carefully crafted bundle combines the introspective depth of the Million Dollar Journaling Kit with the strategic breadth of the Financial S.H.I.F.T. Kit, guiding you through a transformative exploration of your financial identity and capabilities.

 This bundle is designed for those who do more than exist in the world—they aim to change it. As a leader, an innovator, a creator, you are about to take command of your financial destiny in a way that reflects your deepest values and aspirations.


The Hypnotic Wealth Bundle is so powerful because it contains the Hypnotic Financial Tool Stack.

The Hypnotic Financial Tool Stack included in both the Million Dollar Journaling Kit and the Financial S.H.I.F.T. Kit is thoughtfully designed to offer a holistic approach to financial transformation.

Each tool is crafted to facilitate deep subconscious change and foster a comprehensive understanding of personal finance management:

  1. Hypnotic Journal Prompts:

    • Designed to provoke deep reflection and inspire transformative changes in financial behaviors. These prompts challenge existing beliefs and encourage exploration of new perspectives, helping uncover subconscious blocks that may hinder financial success.
  2. Financial Self-Hypnosis Scripts:

    • A series of targeted scripts for each month that help embed new, healthy financial habits and beliefs into the subconscious, facilitating lasting change.
  3. Hypnotic Affirmations:

    • Powerful daily affirmations reinforce a positive financial identity and mindset, solidifying new beliefs about wealth and abundance.
  4. Hypno-Breathwork Exercises:

    • These exercises integrate breathwork techniques with hypnotic cues to reduce financial stress and anxiety, enhancing mental clarity and emotional resilience.
  5. Hypnotic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques):

    • Combines traditional EFT tapping with hypnotic suggestions to release emotional and psychological blocks related to money, effectively addressing fears and anxieties about wealth.
  6. Hypnotic Money Manifestation:

    • This tool uses guided visualizations and meditations to align your subconscious with your financial goals. By fostering a vivid mental image of financial success, it aids in manifesting real-world wealth and opportunities.
  7. Financial Astrology:

    • Understanding the impact of astrological influences on financial decisions and cycles can provide a unique edge. This component explores how planetary alignments and transitions can affect financial behaviors and opportunities, enabling you to align your financial actions with cosmic timing for enhanced results.

Each component of the Hypnotic Financial Tool Stack is meticulously designed to address the nuances of financial psychology, ensuring that users not only achieve but sustain their financial goals.


What You Will Discover Inside Your Bundle:

  • Twelve Months of Guided Financial Reflection: Each month introduces a new theme, deepening your understanding of your financial behaviors and how they align with your inner self.
  • Daily Reflections: Set a daily intention that keeps you aligned with your financial goals, helping you to live each day purposefully toward your ideal financial state.
  • Powerful Affirmations: Monthly affirmations reinforce your sense of self-worth and capability, crucial for building a resilient financial identity.
  • Transformative S.H.I.F.T. Scripts: These scripts facilitate deep subconscious shifts, opening doors to new levels of financial insight and empowerment.
  • Progress Trackers: Monitor your growth and reflect on your journey, ensuring that every step you take is meaningful and impactful.

The Million Dollar Journaling Kit ($97)


If you’ve ever felt that unseen barriers are holding you back financially, you might be experiencing what I call the "Toxic Trance of Lack," which breeds a deep-seated "Consciousness of Scarcity."

This state of mind not only stifles your financial growth but also permeates various aspects of your life, from your self-esteem to your ability to make prosperous decisions.

The Million Dollar Journaling Kit is designed specifically to guide you through a transformative 12-month journey, helping you break free from this pervasive toxic trance. Each month, we focus on a different facet of the trance of lack, addressing and dismantling the limiting beliefs that have kept you from achieving your financial potential.

Here's how we'll tackle each aspect of this toxic trance throughout the year:

Month 1: Overcoming Limitation - Expand your view of what’s financially possible.

Month 2: Shifting Scarcity to Abundance - Embrace the abundance that surrounds you.

Month 3: Shedding Past Financial Identities - Let go of who you were to become who you can be.

Month 4: Conquering Fear of Success - Embrace the positive changes that wealth can bring.

Month 5: Transforming Money Stress into Empowerment - Learn to manage finances with ease and confidence.

Month 6: Choosing Long-Term Prosperity - Focus on sustainable financial practices.

Month 7: Claiming Your Financial Power - Actively shape your financial destiny.

Month 8: Establishing Strong Financial Boundaries - Protect and prioritize your financial health.

Month 9: Building Financial Independence - Reduce dependency and enhance self-sufficiency.

Month 10: Cultivating Positive Wealth Beliefs - See wealth as a force for good.

Month 11: Embracing Growth and Opportunity - Open yourself to new paths for financial advancement.

Month 12: Reigniting Continuous Improvement - Keep the momentum of financial betterment.


This comprehensive process is not just about changing how you handle money—it’s about transforming your entire approach to life and prosperity. The tools and exercises included in the Million Dollar Journaling Kit are designed to provide continuous support and guidance as you work to dismantle the toxic trance of lack and replace it with a powerful consciousness of abundance and success.


The Financial SHIFT Kit ($97)

The Financial S.H.I.F.T. Kit is your companion in transcending limitations and achieving a level of prosperity and harmony that far surpasses the ordinary. This kit is meticulously designed to help you unveil a richer version of yourself, empowering you to navigate through financial complexities with grace and effectiveness, without succumbing to burnout or self-sabotage.

Inside Your Journey to Financial Liberation:

  • Month 1: Unveil Financial Trauma & Sabotage
    Begin by uncovering deep-seated roots of financial setbacks. Learn potent self-hypnosis techniques to dissolve these barriers and pave the way to a liberated financial future.
  • Month 2: Overcome External Obstacles
    Equip yourself with strategies to navigate and triumph over external challenges, ensuring you thrive under any circumstances.
  • Month 3: Master Habits & Routines
    Transform your daily practices to align seamlessly with your financial aspirations, setting a natural course towards success.
  • Continued Monthly Themes
    Each month unravels a new facet of your financial psyche, from unleashing untapped potential and skills to reshaping core beliefs about wealth, cultivating a robust attitude and motivation, and harmonizing your purpose with your financial endeavors.

Your Transformation Beyond Wealth

Experience a holistic transformation that transcends mere monetary gains. Each step of this journey is designed to bring you closer to a life of abundance, balance, and unshakeable success.

Why the Financial S.H.I.F.T. Kit?

This isn’t just about acquiring wealth; it's about transforming your entire being to nurture a thriving, balanced existence. You'll cultivate resilience, break through barriers, and ignite your financial potential while safeguarding your well-being against the pitfalls of burnout.

Who Needs This Kit?

If you’re a driven professional or entrepreneur who feels that conventional financial strategies fall short, this kit is for you. It’s crafted for those who are ready to delve deep, understand their emotional relationship with money, and embrace a new paradigm of success.

Financial SHIFT Self-Hypnosis Manual ($79)

Delve deep into the corridors of your subconscious with this 200+ page comprehensive manual. Unravel the intricate web of toxic trances affecting your financial destiny. Armed with Somatic Financial Self-Hypnosis techniques, you'll break free from these shackles, paving the way for unbridled prosperity.

Uncover the secret link between your subconscious mind and financial abundance. Dive into 11 meticulously outlined toxic trances affecting your wealth, each dissected with precision. Learn to break free from these invisible chains using groundbreaking Somatic Financial Self-Hypnosis techniques.

  1. Hypnotic Manifestation Guide ($99)

This isn't just a guide—it's your 52-week companion on the path to financial liberation. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing journey of self-discovery, manifesting success while steering clear of burnout and self-sabotage. It's your roadmap to manifesting success while evading burnout and self-sabotage.


  1. S.H.I.F.T. Self-Hypnosis Crash Course ($299)

Fast-track your transformational journey with this crash course. Dive headfirst into the art of self-hypnosis, mastering techniques that kickstart your evolution. Lay the groundwork for 52 weeks of breakthroughs, setting the stage for monumental success.



🔑 Master Tools for Unparalleled Success 🔑

These bonuses aren't just add-ons—they're your arsenal for triumph! Immerse yourself in a world of self-discovery and financial mastery, equipped with tools meticulously designed to guide you through 52 weeks of transformation.

 Experience a Holistic Revolution 

Beyond financial prowess, these bonuses gift you a balanced life—a life of abundance, harmony, and sustained success. Witness your evolution into a high achiever steering clear of burnout and self-sabotage.

Your Journey Begins Now 

Empower yourself with these unparalleled resources and scripts, guiding you through a year of transformative growth. Embrace financial freedom, well-being, and unstoppable success.

Why This Kit? 

This isn't just about wealth—it's about nurturing a balanced, thriving life. You'll cultivate resilience, shatter barriers, and ignite your financial potential while safeguarding against burnout. Your success story will no longer be a tale of struggle but a testament to resilience and abundance.

Who Is This For? 

High achievers seeking a harmonious blend of success, financial freedom, and well-being. If you're hungry for the next level without compromising your mental or physical health, this is your guiding light.

🔑 Unlock Your Potential, Rewrite Your Story 🔑

Join the league of high achievers embracing a new paradigm of success. Say goodbye to self-sabotage and burnout, and welcome a life of limitless possibilities.

Ready to embark on the journey towards a richer, more fulfilling life? Grab your Financial Transformation Kit now and rewrite your success story with ease and grace!


Invest in your prosperity today.


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This Self-Hypnosis System is for high-performing high achievers who need subconscious and somatic alignment to stop sabotaging their success in their lives, careers & businesses.

S.H.I.F.T Formula for Success

The 5 step formula that has guaranteed my business and personal success each month is the S.H.I.F.T. Formula.

I created it to help myself and my clients get out of a slump during 2020.

Here’s the breakdown:

S: Subconscious Reprogramming
H: Healing Emotional Triggers
I : Identity Shifting & Alignment
F: Financial Healing & Expansion
T: Take Aligned Action

This potent audio system is designed to clear your subconscious of limiting beliefs that are preventing you from hitting six or multiple figures in your business.


After listening to this for 30 days you will feel more emotionally balanced and experience more mental clarity while you implement your six-figure business strategy.


What you'll get:

  • 8 Powerful Self-hypnosis Audios

Energetic Reset

Mental Reset

Emotional Reset

Identity Activation

Financial Reset

Goal Reset

  • 3 Morning Meditation Activations
  • 3 Daytime Subliminal Audios
  • 3 Nighttime Subliminal Audios

What People Are Saying:

I didn't know what subliminals were when I bought the bunde but I'm so glad that I went with my gut. I've never felt so clear headed and my shop hit $87,000 in sales this month. I'm definitely going over 6 figures in the next 30 days.

Asia T.

Juliet, you were right this is way better than any pill. I feel like I have a brand new brain.