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Better You Subscription Business Edition (Yearly)

Slow-Paced High-Performance Healing for Burned-Out Entrepreneurs

Easily incorporate science-based nervous system training into your busy life so that you can continue to master your goals while preventing burnout.   


SHIFT from Stressful to Successful

The Better You in 52 program is designed to identify, combat, and avoid the stages and side effects of entrepreneurial burnout by combining subliminal, hypnosis, and meditative audios to bypass your internal defenses and address issues at the root. 


Release > Reset > Rewire > Regulate


What’s included:



Every week you’ll receive access to a new set of audios: 1 meditation, 1 daytime subliminal, 3 self-hypnosis audios, and 1 overnight subliminal which can be played very low or in another room to be effective.

Every month you’ll join Juliet and other entrepreneurs live, at the top of the month, for a group hypnosis and intention-setting session.


Each month we'll release a Toxic Trance © that affects highly sensitive high-achieving entrepreneurs.


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  1. Controlling Emotions
  2. Controlling Desires
  3. They Are Positive Affirmations That You Don’t Have To Repeat
  4. Subliminal Messages Help Sway You Towards What You Want
  5. You Can Take Them Anywhere
  6. Stimulation of your neural pathways leads to better performance of both your left and right brain. 
  7. Help To Improve Your Memory
  8. Be Super Creative
  9. Burnout Recovery & Stress Relief


Subliminal messages penetrate directly into your subconscious mind by hiding (in a manner of speaking) inside another message or by being shown very briefly so the conscious mind does not even realize that you have received the message. A good example of a subliminal message is a flashing image shown just for a few milliseconds.

The conscious mind is like a personal security guard that decides what kinds of messages will enter the subconscious. It has a tendency to weed out all the messages it considers harmful, whether that may be the case or not.

For example, believe it or not, your subconscious mind might think that being stressed out is a great thing. Thus, your security guard will not let any messages go into your subconscious that contradicts the fact.

The reason why you need to penetrate into the subconscious mind is that the subconscious is where you can change your thought patterns and beliefs about stress.

Subliminal audio messages with recorded positive affirmations that will talk directly to your subconscious are a great way to eliminate your excessive worrying.

Of course, subliminal audio may have a greater effect on some people than it does on others. For some, it takes longer than for others to notice a real, lasting change.

The best way to be confident that Subliminals can have on your life is to give them a try.



I hypnotized myself every night for 333 days and this is what happened:

1.) I no longer experienced severe mood-related PMS symptoms

2.) My income from my business was not only stable but became predictable

3.) I participated in only 3 arguments that didn’t result in meltdowns

4.) I no longer had mid-day drain

5.) I was able to focus on tasks and during conversations

6.) I daydreamed a lot less

7.) I no longer felt anxious going grocery shopping

8.) I no longer felt anxious about death

9.) I stopped spiraling when business ideas & strategies flopped

10.) I no longer felt guilty about being successful

11.) I didn’t feel pressured to make people like me


Hypnosis is different from meditation. I went into a deeper trance and my suggestions were targeted to address the issues listed above.

Join us in Better You In 52 for subconscious support during your healing journey.

Not only don't you have to do this alone but it can be a truly fulfilling experience.

Along with guided self-hypnosis audios, you'll also receive access to live group hypnosis sessions each month.