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Become a financial hypnotherapist, life & success coach, and financial healing facilitator.



7/15/24-7/17/24 5PM EST 

The Wealth Wiring Certification is ideal for coaches, hypnotherapists, and healers who are dedicated to deepening their expertise in financial therapy. This program is especially suited for professionals who aim to help their clients overcome financial trauma, rewire negative money mindsets, and achieve substantial personal and financial growth. If you're looking to expand your practice with profound, transformative financial healing techniques, this certification is for you.

Kickstart Your Journey with the GYST Certification Pre-Work

Before you dive into the comprehensive training sessions, begin your certification with essential pre-work designed to prime you for success. This initial phase is crucial in preparing you to fully leverage the robust toolkit you'll acquire, addressing a wide array of issues from psychological blocks to achieving significant personal and professional milestones.

What to Expect in Pre-Work:

Foundational Knowledge Building:

  • Introduction to the Krasner Method of Hypnosis: Ground yourself in the fundamentals of this classic approach to hypnosis, setting a solid foundation for advanced studies.
  • Overview of Solution-focused Hypnotherapy: Gain insights into how this targeted form of hypnotherapy can address specific client issues efficiently and effectively.

Skill Development:

  • Motivational Questioning Techniques: Learn how to craft questions that motivate and lead to deeper insights for your clients, paving the way for impactful sessions.
  • CORE Success Coaching Principles: Explore core principles that drive success in coaching, preparing you to integrate these into your hypnotherapy practice.

Specialized Coaching Strategies:

  • Business and Executive Coaching Fundamentals: Start developing your skills in business and executive coaching to broaden your professional offerings.
  • Basics of Trauma-Informed Coaching: Understand the sensitive approach required for clients with past trauma, ensuring your practice is inclusive and supportive.

By completing this pre-work, you’ll be better equipped to apply advanced techniques learned during the certification program and tailor your approach to meet the diverse needs of your clients effectively.

Why the Wealth Wiring Certification? 

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to explore the complexities of financial identity through a dynamic, archetype-based approach. Each module is tailored to equip you with the skills necessary to address and reshape your clients' financial behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes:

  1. Identity and Financial Archetypes
    • Learn how different financial identities influence decisions and behaviors, and apply strategies tailored to each type.
  2. Attachment Styles
    • Understand how attachment styles impact financial behaviors and provide tailored management strategies.
  3. Trauma Response
    • Equip yourself with the tools to address and heal financial trauma, using techniques suited to various trauma responses.
  4. Behavior
    • Implement strategies to modify unhealthy financial behaviors, fostering healthier financial habits.
  5. Emotions
    • Manage and guide clients through their emotional responses to money, addressing deep-seated feelings like fear, shame, and envy.
  6. Beliefs
    • Reshape limiting or negative financial beliefs to empower clients towards positive financial engagement.
  7. Values
    • Encourage and reinforce positive financial values such as security, independence, and responsibility.
  8. Money Attitude
    • Help clients develop healthier attitudes towards money, transitioning from negative or fearful to positive and empowered.

Post Certification Support with Sales Youniversity

After achieving your certification, don’t stop there! Sales Youniversity offers a comprehensive, multi-level journey designed to propel you through various stages of business growth. Whether you are just starting out or aiming to scale your practice, our program is tailored to support your success at every step.

Your Path to $100K and Beyond

Pre-Work: Lay the Groundwork for Success

  • Begin with foundational strategies to set yourself up for triumph.

Launch Camp

  • Dive into creating compelling offers, engaging content, and strategic plans with the $100K Offer Suite, Content Strategy, Launch Strategy, and Pathways.

Money Camp

  • Address and overcome financial blocks with sessions designed to release your triggers, create a rich reality, and achieve financial stability and regulation.

Detailed Workshop Breakdown

Your First $100K in 100 Days

  1. Business Alchemy & Energetics
    • Forge a powerful business identity using Healer Archetypes and Human Design.
    • Learn sustainable business models and align your business activities for optimal performance.
  2. Hypnotic Sales Resonance
    • Enhance sales efficiency with your unique energy and understand the psychology behind purchasing decisions.
  3. Building A Brain & Body for Business
    • Transform your beliefs and harmonize your subconscious with your sales ambitions for effortless selling.

Your First $500K in 12 Months (Scale With Ease)

  1. Hypnotic & Empathic Wealth
    • Align your business with your soul to thrive without burnout and use hypnotic techniques for significant growth.
  2. High-Frequency Sales Mastery
    • Operate at a higher energetic frequency to enhance sales abilities and attract premium clients.
  3. Hypnotic Copy & Content That Compels
    • Develop captivating content and high-converting sales pages.

Your First Million in 18 Months

  1. Plan Your Way to Millions
    • Strategically plan for exponential growth and craft offers that irresistibly draw clients.
  2. Influence & Persuasion Mastery
    • Master advanced tactics to dominate your market and sell high-ticket offers.
  3. Scaling While Sensitive
    • Manage personal and client emotions, maintain energy and resilience, and empathize with business.