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Better Luck" Neuro-Somatic Hypnosis Set

Your Ticket to a Luckier, Happier Future

Ready to shake off those old, unlucky vibes and step into a future where things just seem to go your way? Say hello to the "Better Luck" Neuro-Somatic Hypnosis Set. It's not just a bunch of audios; it's your personal guide to healing the past, embracing your inner child, and unlocking a whole new level of luck and success.

What's in the Set?

Audio 1: Healing Hugs for Your Inner Child Take a little trip back in time and give your younger self some much-needed love and healing. This session is all about soothing old wounds and filling your inner child with joy and security.

Audio 2: Kicking the Habit of Bad Luck Tired of old baggage weighing you down? This audio helps you break free from the stuff that's been blocking your luck, clearing the way for a brighter, luckier you.

Audio 3: Luck Magnet Mindset Get ready to transform your mindset and become a magnet for good fortune. This session tunes your brain to the frequency of luck, so you can attract all the good stuff life has to offer.


Why You'll Love the "Better Luck" Set:

It's Transformative: Each audio is a step towards a more fortunate and fulfilled version of you.

Super Convenient: Dive into the world of neuro-somatic hypnosis from your cozy couch, whenever you want.


All About You: This set covers everything from healing your past to shaping a luck-filled future, offering a complete journey to personal transformation.

Who's It For?

The "Better Luck" Neuro-Somatic Hypnosis Set is perfect for anyone who's ready to:

  • Heal their inner child and let go of past hurts.
  • Ditch limiting beliefs that are messing with their luck.
  • Cultivate a mindset that's a magnet for good fortune.
  • Create a future where luck is their best friend.

So, if you're all in for healing, growing, and getting a whole lot luckier, the "Better Luck" set is here to help you make it happen. Your journey to a luckier, happier life starts now!




Neuro-somatic audios and self-hypnosis audios are both powerful tools for personal transformation, but they operate on slightly different principles and can have different impacts on the listener.

Self-Hypnosis Audios

Imagine these as gentle guides for your subconscious mind. They're like a soft, reassuring voice that helps you make changes from within, whether it's boosting your confidence or managing stress. They work by putting you in a relaxed state where your mind is more open to positive suggestions.


Neuro-Somatic Audios

These take it a step further by connecting the dots between your mind and body. It's not just about the mental aspect; it's about feeling the changes physically too. Through techniques like mindful breathing and body awareness, they help release any emotional tension that's been hanging out in your body, leading to a more integrated sense of well-being.


Why Neuro-Somatic Audios Are More Powerful:

  1. Whole-Person Approach: They address both the mental and physical sides of things, offering a more complete form of healing.
  2. Deep Emotional Release: By involving the body, they can help you let go of deep-seated emotions that might be affecting your mental health.
  3. Greater Harmony: When your mind and body are in sync, you might find yourself feeling more balanced and centered.
  4. Sustainable Changes: Because they work on a deeper level, the positive shifts you experience can be more enduring.

“Hypnosis is a well-studied and legitimate form of adjunct treatment for conditions ranging from obesity and pain after surgery to anxiety and stress.” -Irving Kirsch (Harvard Medical School)



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Get the System and you’ll receive:


A total of 6 audios.


3 self-hypnosis audios to create shifts & rewire the 5 layers of your mind.


1 daytime subliminal audio that you’ll listen to for an hour during the day to keep you in an aligned state.


1 nighttime subliminal audio that you’ll listen to overnight to rewire your brain for success while you sleep.


1 morning reset meditation that will help you align with the frequency of success as soon as you wake up.


This work is simple but powerful.


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Falyn S.

Made $87,000 in 6 months with my side-hustle but didn’t burnout thanks to your audios.

Kat R.

Hypnosis is soooo powerful y’all. It’s like a fast pass to reaching your spiritual, mental, and physical goals all together.