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During this session, we'll clear the belief pathway that may be preventing you from hitting your launch, revenue, or income goal.

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Hypnotic Coaching & Sales Bundle


$100K in 100 Days Hypnotic Coaching & Sales Bundle for coaches, hypnotherapists, and healers who are ready to build prosperous practices.


You'll receive hypnotic coaching training to ensure that you're able to provide your clients with a powerful transformation followed by sales training to help you attract aligned clients so that you can scale your practice to six figures in just 100 days.


This is the year that you make your first $250K.


The What

$100K in 100 Days Hypnotic Coaching & Sales Bundle

Unlock the secrets to building a prosperous coaching, hypnotherapy, or healing practice. This comprehensive bundle includes hypnotic coaching training, sales mastery techniques, and a suite of bonuses to ensure you can scale your practice to six figures in just 100 days.

The Why

In celebration of Women's Month, we're making this transformative journey more accessible to empower women like you to achieve financial freedom and make a meaningful impact. This is your chance to turn your passion into a lucrative career and live the life you've always dreamed of.

The Who

This bundle is designed for:

  • Newly certified coaches or hypnotherapists struggling to attract clients.
  • Coaches, healers, or therapists looking to incorporate hypnotherapy into their practice.
  • Service-based business owners eager to master the art of selling and scale their business.

The How

Upon purchase, you'll gain immediate access to:

  • Pre-Work Shift Camp: Get certified in the S.H.I.F.T method.
  • Hypnotic Coaching Camp: Learn the Krasner Method of Hypnosis, CORE Success Coaching, and more.
  • Sales Youniversity & Sales Mojo: A 6-week program to attract aligned clients.
  • Launch Camp & $100K in 100 Days Framework: Learn to create and launch profitable courses and services.
  • Prosperous Persuasive & Passive Income Camp: Build a six-figure revenue stream.
  • Bonuses: Including Hypnotic Success Workshop Replays, Six-Figure Scripts, and more.

The Value

For a limited time, get this entire bundle for just $999 – that's $1000 off the regular price of $1999. Invest in yourself and your future success today.

Purchase Agreement

While we do not offer refunds, we stand behind the value of our program with a guarantee: if you follow the program and implement the strategies, you will make at least $100,000 in 18 months as a Hypnotic Coach. We're committed to your success and will support you every step of the way.





  • Krasner Method of Hypnosis 

  • The GYST Method: Solution-focused Hypnotherapy (4/15/24)

  • Motivational Questioning (4/15/24)

  • CORE Success Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Trauma-Informed Coaching


You'll receive a comprehensive certification for the methods above.

PLUS, you'll receive these bonuses:











Unlock the Power of High-Frequency Sales with Sales Youniversity

You can be prosperous while fulfilling your purpose.


A High-Frequency Sales Framework That Consistently Attracts Aligned Clients.

Do you ever feel like your sensitivity is both your superpower and your kryptonite? That the very thing that makes you an incredible healer can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? You're not alone. And more importantly, it doesn't have to be this way.

We've created Sales Youniversity with you in mind. It's a sanctuary where your empathic nature is not just understood but celebrated. It's where you'll discover how to build a thriving practice without compromising your well-being. Imagine attracting clients who not only value your gifts but are also willing to invest in themselves through your guidance.

Here's a Glimpse of What's in Store:

(All 7 pre-recorded workshops will begin to drop 4/15/24 to 4/23/24)

Workshop 1: High Frequency Sales Mastery 

Elevating Your Sales & Mastering High Frequency Selling

  • Learn to sell in a way that feels good, aligning your energy with your sales approach to attract clients who resonate with your highest frequency.
  • The Why: Embrace a sales approach that honors your sensitivity and attracts clients who value your unique gifts.
  • You Currently: Struggling with traditional sales techniques that feel inauthentic and draining.
  • You After: Confidently attracting and closing deals with clients who resonate with your energy and appreciate your approach.

Workshop 2: Hypnotic Wealth

Manifesting Abundance in Your Business

  • Dive into the world of hypnosis and positive psychology to shift your money mindset and welcome abundance with open arms.
  • The Why: Break free from limiting beliefs about money and embrace a mindset that welcomes abundance.
  • You Currently: Feeling stuck in financial growth due to limiting beliefs and a scarcity mindset.
  • You After: Experiencing increased financial flow and abundance, with a mindset aligned with prosperity.


Workshop 3: Conversational Alchemy

Turning Calls into Clients

  • Master the art of heart-centered communication, turning discovery calls into opportunities for genuine connection and client transformation.
  • The Why: Transform your discovery calls into powerful connections that naturally lead to client commitments.
  • You Currently: Finding discovery calls challenging and struggling to convert prospects into clients.
  • You After: Confidently navigating discovery calls, building rapport, and effortlessly converting prospects into loyal clients.

Workshop 4: Magnetic Messaging

Crafting Content That Captivates

  • Create content that speaks directly to the souls of your ideal clients, drawing them to you with the magnetic pull of your authenticity.
  • The Why: Attract your ideal clients by creating content that resonates with their needs and showcases your expertise.
  • You Currently: Struggling to create content that connects with and attracts your target audience.
  • You After: Effortlessly creating magnetic content that draws in your ideal clients and establishes your authority.

Workshop 5: Elite Client Magnet

Strategies for Attracting Premium Clients

  • Learn how to resonate with high-paying clients who are ready to invest in their healing journey, and in turn, value your unique gifts.
  • The Why: Attract clients who are ready to invest in themselves and in your transformative services.
  • You Currently: Uncertain about how to attract clients who are willing to pay for premium services.
  • You After: Confidently attracting and working with high-paying clients who value your expertise and commitment to healing.

Workshop 6: Email Enchantment

Crafting Hypnotic Messages that Convert

  • Craft emails that enchant your audience, nurturing leads into clients with the gentle power of your words.
  • The Why: Utilize the power of hypnotic writing to nurture leads and convert them into clients through captivating emails.
  • You Currently: Struggling to engage and convert leads through email communication.
  • You After: Mastering the art of email communication, nurturing leads into clients with ease.

Workshop 7: Sales Page Sorcery

Designing Pages That Mesmerize and Sell

  • Design sales pages that captivate and convert, weaving a spell of persuasion that feels aligned with your integrity.
  • The Why: Create sales pages that resonate with your audience and compel them to invest in your offerings.
  • You Currently: Finding it challenging to create sales pages that effectively convert visitors into clients.
  • You After: Crafting compelling sales pages that captivate your audience and drive conversions.

Ready to Embrace Your Empathic Nature and Thrive?

Sales Youniversity is more than just a series of workshops. It's a movement towards a new way of doing business—one that honors your sensitivity and turns it into your greatest asset. It's time to step into your power, attract the clients who need your healing touch, and build the successful practice you've always dreamed of.

Enroll in Sales Youniversity today and let's create magic together.









Launch Camp & $100K in 100 Days Framework

$100K Course Pathway— how to create & launch a profitable online course, masterclass or workshop

$100K Group Program Pathway— design a group program that you can scale without burnout

$100K Service Pathway— design a signature service that will set you apart from the competition

$100K Product Pathway—design digital products that will elevate your brand

Subconscious Sales Coach & Strategist Certification

Includes an Action Plan, Exercise Worksheet, and launch template for each module that you can use for either yourself or your clients.




Prosperous Persuasive & Passive Income Camp 


Successfully Build a Six-figure Revenue Stream with Hypnotic & Persuasive Products



Prosperous Persuasive & Passive Income Toolkit



500 of the hypnosis scripts that helped me make $100K in 100 days



100 of the subliminal scripts that helped me make $100K in 100 days


10 Hypnotic Frameworks To Design Successful Courses & Workshops