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Elevate Your Experience with an Exclusive 1:1 Wealth Wiring Session

Maximize Your Results from "Flip The Switch To Wealth Week"

As part of your transformative journey during "Flip The Switch To Wealth Week," we’re excited to offer a powerful upgrade that can dramatically amplify your outcomes: a personalized 1:1 Wealth Wiring Session. This is your opportunity to deepen your financial breakthroughs and tailor strategies specifically to your unique business and personal growth needs.

Why Upgrade? The group intensive is designed to deliver powerful results through collective energy and shared insights. However, if you’re looking for a more personalized approach to ensure that no detail of your financial and business strategy is overlooked, the 1:1 Wealth Wiring Session is for you. This session is a deep dive into your specific challenges and aspirations, providing customized solutions and strategies.



Flip The Switch is an online group hypnosis & NLP coaching week 5/6-5/10 led by Juliet C. Obodo, Master Success Coach & Hypnotherapist designed to eradicate your triggers and melt away your resistance to making more money in your business.

Flipping the Switch to Wealth with hypnotherapy is a brand new transformative five-step process designed to help individuals release deep-seated emotional and behavioral blocks to financial success and wealth attraction.


    1. Release:

      • Past Clearing Session: This session focuses on uncovering and processing deep-seated financial traumas. By revisiting and clearing past negative experiences, clients can break free from emotional barriers that have been blocking their path to financial freedom.
      • Emotional Block Buster: This technique uses targeted tapping (akin to Emotional Freedom Technique) to release emotional blocks around money, allowing clients to overcome feelings of anxiety or fear associated with financial issues.
    2. Reset:

      • Perception Shift Protocol: Utilizing principles from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this protocol helps clients reconstruct their perceptions of past financial events, fostering a more positive outlook and resetting their emotional responses to money.
      • Subconscious Storyteller: Employing Ericksonian methods, this technique uses metaphors and storytelling to subtly rewrite the subconscious narratives about wealth, setting the stage for a healthier financial mindset.
    3. Rewire:

      • Belief Blueprinting: Drawing on Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, this approach helps clients identify and remodel limiting beliefs about money, constructing a new blueprint of empowering and supportive financial beliefs.
      • Empowerment Suggestion Therapy: This method uses direct, positive suggestions during hypnosis to instill new, empowering thoughts and attitudes toward financial success, reinforcing a mindset conducive to wealth.
    4. Rewrite:

      • Affirmative Repetition Regimen: Through repeated affirmations and visualization techniques under hypnosis, this regimen solidifies new financial behaviors and thought patterns, embedding them deeply into the client's subconscious.
      • Narrative Redesign Session: In these sessions, clients are guided to 'write' new outcomes for themselves, actively creating a new narrative that supports financial success and well-being.
    5. Realign:

      • Future Success Mapping: This technique involves clients visualizing and connecting emotionally with their future self who has achieved financial success, aligning their present actions with these future achievements.
      • Visionary Alignment Technique: Uses guided imagery to strengthen the connection with envisioned financial goals, embedding a deep and lasting alignment with wealth and success.

An hour each day 5 PM-6 PM EST.

hald an hour of conscious work followed by a group hypnosis.

You'll receive access to:
‣ Sleep Your Way To Millions  (a powerful 26-week financial expansion program) to help you stay on track after the week


Why This Intensive? This isn't just a seminar. It’s a deep dive into the core psychological barriers that cap your earning potential and stifle your business growth. Using the potent "Flip The Switch" process in a dynamic group setting, you’ll tackle the most common yet challenging obstacles head-on, creating lasting change through the collective power of like-minded professionals.

Transformative Benefits Await:

  • Healers: Ready to expand your client base? Learn strategic methods to attract and retain more clients, increasing your impact and income.
  • Coaches: Eager to scale from $10K months to $10K weeks? We’ll equip you with the tools and mindset shifts necessary to elevate your earning potential and streamline your coaching process.
  • Service-Based Business Owners: On the brink of your first $500K but overwhelmed by obstacles? Discover strategies to manage and overcome business overwhelm, setting a clear path to half a million and beyond.

Your Week of Empowerment:

  • Day 1 - Release: Let go of financial fears and past mistakes that cloud your judgment and restrict your growth potential.
  • Day 2 - Reset: your emotional and mental stances on money, crafting a positive and productive outlook.
  • Day 3 - Rewire: your beliefs to instill empowering and supportive financial thoughts.
  • Day 4 - Rewrite: your personal financial narrative towards prosperity.
  • Day 5 - Realign: Ensure your daily actions and decisions perfectly sync with your ambitious business aspirations.

Who Should Join? This intensive is perfectly designed for:

  • Healers: Professionals ready to dramatically increase their client base and secure financial abundance.
  • Coaches: Talented leaders aiming to transform their earnings and client impact from impressive to extraordinary.
  • Service-Based Business Owners: Visionaries on the cusp of major financial milestones, ready to tackle and dismantle the barriers to their success.

Limited Spots Available: With only 12 spots, our group setting offers focused attention and personalized insights while benefiting from the shared experiences and innovative strategies of peers facing similar challenges.

Are You Ready to Flip the Switch? Take command of your financial destiny. Join us for a transformative experience that will not only redefine your business but also reshape your financial future.



For healers, practitioners, coaches and service providers who are struggling to hit $10,000-$25,000 in revenue per week because of oppression, limiting beliefs & financial trauma.

You’ll learn how to break generational curses and disempowering patterns to attract money through your business so that you can easily profit from your purpose.


You’ll also learn how to:

 ✓ Release any negativity, shame or anxiety around money so you can make more of it–without an ounce of guilt

✓ Feel more confidence asking for what you want and going after what you truly desire in business (and everywhere else!)

✓ Love yourself deeply and watch as that love overflows into your relationships with everyone from clients to colleagues to your family (it’s all connected!)

✓ Feel ‘safe’ (and excited) about showing up and being seen, becoming an expert in your field and doing work you truly want to (and were meant to) do

✓ Gain razor-sharp clarity on the vision for your business and life, so you always know what you’re working toward

 ✓ Deeply BELIEVE you’re worthy of success and EMBODY that so you attract the right clients & opportunities–effortlessly