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Sleep Your Way To 100K $555



  • Quantum Wealth Enhanced Hypnosis & Neural Activation
  • Seven Figure Identity Shift Enhanced Hypnosis & Neural Activation
  • Luck Magnet Enhanced Hypnosis & Neural Activation
  • Prosperity Subconscious Integration Subliminal Audios
  • Morning Visualization

This bundle is designed to remap your brain to attract opportunities, sales & windfalls in business, career and life.

Beat Seasonal Depression & Millennial Burnout 

Your feelings or emotional states are directly linked to your behavior which is responsible for your results. Your results are your reality.

The Master Your Vibration Bundle will help you to quickly gain control of your feelings so you can create your ideal reality. 

  • Regain your physical, emotional & mental energy.
  • Reset your sleep patterns.
  • Regain your focus & motivation.


  • Irritability or anxiety.
  • Sadness and overthinking.
  • Overeating or drinking.


Master Your Vibe Bundle includes:

  • The 101-day Journal & Affirmation Guide (value $55)
  • Raise Your Vibe Subliminal Audio (value $88)
  • Success Is My Vibe Subliminal Audio (value $88)
  • Release & Recharge Hypnosis Audio (value $222)
  • Luck Magnet Neural Activation Hypnosis ($222)
  • Rainbow Hustler Daily Meditation ($55)


You will actually be able to install luck into your subconscious by listening to the activation for 7 days & the night-time subliminal audio for 33 days to fully integrate your new positive vibration and consciousness.

With the 101-day guide to keep you on track alongside the daily meditation.

You'll receive the files immediately after purchase.

What People Are Saying:

I finally broke the 100K mark with my Shopify store & I know it has to do with my mindset shift. I listened to the audios every day and even while I worked!

Madeline R.

I exercised my options to obtain the $120k available to me. With all the chaos and fear being put out right now, I have the ability to think clearly and offensively about my life, business, and finances. I attribute that to our work over the past 3 months. Thanks again for all the help