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Sleep & Grow Rich Self-hypnosis & Sublimial Bundle for ($97)

Our program targets one of the biggest blocks that hinder your financial success, the debilitating effects of financial anxiety. In just 33 days, you'll notice significant shifts in your emotional balance and increased mental clarity to implement your six-figure business strategy effectively.

Prepare for a full transformation in just 11 days, with noticeable changes in as little as 72 hours. From then on, the program works towards solidifying this transformation, preparing you for an elevated experience of success and wealth.



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Financial S.H.I.F.T. KIT

The Ultimate Financial Transformation Kit for High Achievers! 

Are you a driven entrepreneur or corporate leader relentlessly pursuing success, yet finding yourself hitting invisible barriers or experiencing burnout along the way?

Unveiling the Richer You In 52: Weekly SHIFT Guide, a transformative journey meticulously crafted to empower you to transcend limitations and achieve unparalleled financial success. This isn't just another guide—it's your passport to a higher level of prosperity, harmony, and achievement, all without the dread of burnout or self-sabotage.

What's Inside: Unlock Your Financial Potential Month by Month 

Month 1: Financial Trauma & Sabotage Unveiled

Discover the hidden roots of financial setbacks and sabotage in your past. Learn to dissolve these barriers with powerful self-hypnosis techniques, paving the way for a liberated financial future.

Month 2: Overcoming External Obstacles

Navigate external challenges that hinder your success. Gain invaluable strategies to triumph over these hurdles, empowering you to thrive in any circumstance.

Month 3: Mastering Habits & Routines

Reinvent your daily rituals to align with your financial goals. Witness the transformation as you adopt empowering habits and routines that propel you towards success effortlessly.

Month 4: Unleashing Your Potential & Skills

Tap into unexplored talents and capabilities. Develop the skills necessary to conquer the financial landscape, ensuring you're always steps ahead.

Month 5: Reshaping Core Beliefs for Prosperity

Challenge and revamp limiting beliefs about wealth and abundance. Witness the profound shift in your mindset as you embrace a new paradigm of financial success.

Month 6: Cultivating Attitude & Motivation

Nurture an unwavering positive attitude and relentless motivation. Experience the power of these attributes as they drive you towards unparalleled success.

Month 7: Crafting Identity & Self-Concept

Forge a new, empowered identity in relation to wealth. Embrace a self-concept that magnetizes prosperity and abundance effortlessly.

Month 8: Harmonizing Purpose and Spirituality

Fuse your financial aspirations with a deeper sense of purpose and spirituality. Witness the profound alignment that fuels your journey towards holistic success.

Month 9: Healing Emotional Triggers & Wounds

Address emotional anchors holding back your financial growth. Heal and liberate yourself from past emotional ties, paving the way for abundant wealth.

Month 10: Breaking Generational Cycles

Confront ancestral influences impacting your financial life. Break free from generational patterns and chart a new course towards prosperity.

Month 11: Managing ADHD Symptoms for Financial Focus

Navigate ADHD tendencies affecting your financial management. Master techniques tailored to enhance focus and financial acumen, ensuring peak performance.

Experience a Transformation Beyond Wealth 

Each month is an adventure, a step towards financial liberation and personal growth. Witness a holistic transformation that transcends monetary gains, leading you to a life of abundance, balance, and unshakable success.

Ready to Begin Your Journey? 

Embark on this life-altering odyssey towards financial freedom, mental resilience, and boundless achievement. Join the league of high achievers rewriting the rules of success and prosperity.


New Year Richer You Bonuses: Amplify Your Transformation Journey 


  1. Financial SHIFT Self-Hypnosis Manual ($79)

Delve deep into the corridors of your subconscious with this 200+ page comprehensive manual. Unravel the intricate web of toxic trances affecting your financial destiny. Armed with Somatic Financial Self-Hypnosis techniques, you'll break free from these shackles, paving the way for unbridled prosperity.

Uncover the secret link between your subconscious mind and financial abundance. Dive into 11 meticulously outlined toxic trances affecting your wealth, each dissected with precision. Learn to break free from these invisible chains using groundbreaking Somatic Financial Self-Hypnosis techniques.

  1. Hypnotic Manifestation Guide ($99)

This isn't just a guide—it's your 52-week companion on the path to financial liberation. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing journey of self-discovery, manifesting success while steering clear of burnout and self-sabotage. It's your roadmap to manifesting success while evading burnout and self-sabotage.


  1. S.H.I.F.T. Self-Hypnosis Crash Course ($299)

Fast-track your transformational journey with this crash course. Dive headfirst into the art of self-hypnosis, mastering techniques that kickstart your evolution. Lay the groundwork for 52 weeks of breakthroughs, setting the stage for monumental success.



🔑 Master Tools for Unparalleled Success 🔑

These bonuses aren't just add-ons—they're your arsenal for triumph! Immerse yourself in a world of self-discovery and financial mastery, equipped with tools meticulously designed to guide you through 52 weeks of transformation.

 Experience a Holistic Revolution 

Beyond financial prowess, these bonuses gift you a balanced life—a life of abundance, harmony, and sustained success. Witness your evolution into a high achiever steering clear of burnout and self-sabotage.

Your Journey Begins Now 

Empower yourself with these unparalleled resources and scripts, guiding you through a year of transformative growth. Embrace financial freedom, well-being, and unstoppable success.

Why This Kit? 

This isn't just about wealth—it's about nurturing a balanced, thriving life. You'll cultivate resilience, shatter barriers, and ignite your financial potential while safeguarding against burnout. Your success story will no longer be a tale of struggle but a testament to resilience and abundance.

Who Is This For? 

High achievers seeking a harmonious blend of success, financial freedom, and well-being. If you're hungry for the next level without compromising your mental or physical health, this is your guiding light.

🔑 Unlock Your Potential, Rewrite Your Story 🔑

Join the league of high achievers embracing a new paradigm of success. Say goodbye to self-sabotage and burnout, and welcome a life of limitless possibilities.

Ready to embark on the journey towards a richer, more fulfilling life? Grab your Financial Transformation Kit now and rewrite your success story with ease and grace!


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