Holding Space For Clients Who Are Black, Brown, Indigenous People of Color





What has transpired in 2020 is something that your Black & Brown clients are aware of every day.

Even when it doesn't hit the news it does hit family members, friends & our communities.

I can't take on every client so I thought it might help to provide insight & offer tools to help you better communicate & address the emotional needs of your clients.

To start please post on your social media pages, Facebook groups & email lists denouncing police brutality & racism.

It's important that they know that you not only care about their green dollars but also their Black lives.


In this 3-hour training, I will cover how:

  • The Black Experience is not the same for everyone
  • How your clients who are BIPOC have to navigate the world
  • Microaggression & need to preserve order are worse than blatant racism
  • Cultural Appropriation in the spiritual community
  • Language & Important Terms
  • How to communicate & address blocks that are due to racial trauma
  • Checking yourself for unconscious bias 

Create an emotionally safe community for all your members to thrive.



This training is for any coaches, healers, or practitioners that wish to learn better ways to communicate with their clients.

I will not be teaching any modalities & you do not need prior training in hypnosis. 



About Your Host:

Juliet C. Obodo is a Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer.


After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology she went into tech sales instead of medical school for Psychiatry.


After 10 years in corporate she left to run her own design agency & a business funding startup.


Running two 6-figure businesses led to severe burnout. During her search for a cure, she re-discovered NLP & Hypnosis.

She began to coach other stressed-out business owners but wanted to make more impactful transformations which led to her certification as a Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner and studying for her Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Her practice, FWRD Institute designs individual & corporate brain training programs for business, career & personal mastery.