Does this sound like you?

  • You secretly feel incapable of love, wealth and any good thing
  • You shy away from amazing opportunities because you don’t know if you meet their standards
  • You have huge dreams and goals… that are shortly followed by “who am I to accomplish this?”
  • You hold yourself back from positive changes because it makes you uncertain and uncomfortable
  • You’re tired of being in a constant thought-spiral of “am I good enough?”
  • You’re frustrated with the watered-down way of manifesting; you don’t want to just “wish” it to reality
  • You’re ready to unlock your identity and purpose
  • You’re eager to connect to the higher self part of you; the you that is capable of building a 6 or 7-figure business  


If that hits home, you’re in the right place.

Our new subliminal sets & self-hypnosis bundles were designed with you in MIND…

Release one of the 5 major money blocks after listening to these subliminal sets. You will also be able to protect your subconscious from developing new ones indefinitely all while mastering and creating new beliefs that skyrocket your success with self-hypnosis.


What you'll receive immediate access to:

  • 1 daytime subliminal audio that you’ll listen to for an hour during the day to keep you in an aligned state.
  • 1 nighttime subliminal audio that you’ll listen to overnight to rewire your brain for success while you sleep.

    1 morning reset meditation that will help you align with the frequency of success as soon as you wake up.


And a few bonuses…


Meet Your Guide

I'm Juliet C. Obodo and I became a certified Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner because I wanted to create a stronger and more lasting impact for my clients.

To become successful startup founders and business owners, it takes more than a 7-Step Framework.

You need to make the shift subconsciously to make it EASY & EFFECTIVE.

I developed Mental Remapping™ and Neural Activations to enhance your shifts during & after our Hypnotherapy/NLP/T.I.M.E. sessions.

Subliminals are the first step to retraining your brain towards ultimate success.

Ready to Release Yourself from Financial Limitations?

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