How I Made

2 Million Dollars as a Financial 



This is for you if you currently run a service-based business and you're ready to add an additional $100K or more to your business revenue within this year.



10/19/23 AT 5 PM EST

Note: This is for the serious, not the curious.


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As a financial hypnotherapist, my mission is to help at least 10 million millennials heal their financial trauma and overcome their financial struggles.


But I can’t do this alone.


That’s why I’m training 1000 financial hypnotherapists so that by 2027 we can completely shift the financial reality of our generation.


Join if you are: 


  • Ready to Offer Transformational Services to Your Clients


  • Ready to Become a Top Leader


  • Ready to Feel Limitless When it Comes to Your Success and Income


  • Ready to Make a Greater Impact on the World

You'll Learn: 


  • About the 10 Most Profitable Services to Offer as a Financial Hypnotherapist


  • How to Incorporate Hypnotherapy Into Your Current Business


  • The 12-Step Wealth Wiring Method to help your clients heal from financial trauma and learn to reclaim their power over money 


  • 4 Keys to Building a Successful Practice


  • How to Make $100K in 100 Days as a Brand New Hypnotherapist

  • How to Fund Your Certification and Hypnotherapy Practice


Hello, I’m Juliet, also known as the Million Dollar Hypnotist and a multi-7-figure business owner.

I was able to scale my practice to multiple seven figures due to my corporate background and previous success in service-based businesses.

But after performing almost 1000 hypnotherapy sessions for 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs, and training over 3000 high-performing individuals with ADHD I’ve honed the skill of identifying the path of least resistance to success.

Join me live as I share how you can become a financial hypnotherapist and somatic practitioner.