Building a Prosperous Hypnotherapy Practice:

Plan Your Way To Your First $100K


Join us for an engaging and informative webinar where we explore the transformative power of hypnotherapy and introduce you to the Inner Wealth Certification.


This webinar is designed for aspiring hypnotherapy practitioners, experienced professionals looking to enhance their skills, and anyone interested in the field of personal transformation.


Discover how the Inner Wealth Certification can elevate your practice, empower your clients, and position you as a leader in the industry.


Note: This is for the serious, not the curious.


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Join if you are: 


  • High-Achieving Millennial Who's Ready to Build a Prosperous Practice 


  • Ready to Become a Top Leader in the Healing Space With HypnoSomatics


  • Ready to Feel Limitless When it Comes to Your Success and Income


  • Ready to Make a Greater Impact on the Collective & Heal Millions of Millennials With Financial Trauma & Anxiety


  • Ready to Help Your Clients With ADHD Excel With Ease

You'll Learn: 


  • About the 10 Certifications That Made Me Millions


  • How to Incorporate Hypnotherapy & HypnoSomatics Into Your Current Business


  • 4 Keys to Building a Successful Financial Hypnotherapy Practice


  • How to Make $100K in 100 Days as a Brand New Hypnotherapist


  • How to Fund Your Certification and Hypnotherapy Practice


Hello, I’m Juliet, also known as the Million Dollar Hypnotist and a multi-7-figure business owner.

I was able to scale my practice to multiple seven figures due to my corporate sales & marketing background and previous success in service-based businesses.

But after performing over 1000 hypnotherapy sessions for 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs, and training over 3000 high-performing individuals with ADHD, Anxiety & Financial Trauma I’ve honed the skill of identifying the path of least resistance to success.

Join me live as I share how YOU can launch a successful career and business as a hypnotherapist in just 16 weeks.



Note: This is for the serious, not the curious.